Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fucking Horrible Movies Reviews: "Deadgirl"

My friends and I watch a lot of disturbing movies, we also watch a lot of independent movies, we enjoy disturbing movies. So when I saw the trailer for Deadgirl, I was excited. It looked fucked up and original, and like something I'd enjoy.

It was original and fucked up.

I did not enjoy it.

Around half of it consisted of "artsy" shots of spinning bicycle wheels, flowers in concrete, trees and books on shelves.

Much like this photo of a cruise ship
from my vacation last week that randomly inserted into my movie review, they did not make sense.

The rest of the movie consisted of several high school douchebags gang-banging a zombie girl and the protagonists moral struggle with what was transpiring.

He was annoying.

His friends were annoying.

Not to mention the zombie escapes at the end and no one even seems concerned.

I guess they never saw any GOOD zombie movies. Because if there was a fucking zombie running around I think I'd be very concerned about decapitating her and not sit there crying like a giant pussy...

It could have been brilliant movie and I just didn't get it.

But it wasn't.

Don't fucking see it!!

You are not as jaded as me, and I feel sick and violated.