Sunday, April 4, 2010

3AM Musings: Music Industry Bullshit

3AM musings are what I write when I've had too much caffeine and other sleep depriving substances throughout the day, they probably wont make much sense due to my constant state of sleep deprivation.

Today I was working in Photoshop and had a bunch of 80s music videos on one of my monitors to keep me from going insane, stripping naked, and tearing peoples heads off from the shear monotony of sitting behind a computer for 10 hours a day.... Anyway, I realized that music videos have completely fallen out of the mainstream. And not only that, what the fuck IS in the mainstream now?

Not to sound like an old guy, and I wasn't even alive when most of the videos I was watching were made or during the golden age of MTV, but what the fuck happened to MTV anyway? And what the fuck happened to pop music in general? I remember even 10 years ago there was still decent rock on the top 40 stations. It seems like hip-hop and country music somehow got watered down to the point of being acceptable to the mindless drones that seem to control what everyone listens to, and somehow leaked off of niche stations contaminated the top 40...

I really have no idea when the radio got so goddamned terrible, or when MTV started playing nothing but reality shows, or when the Grammys became a fucking joke. Seriously, how the fuck does "Single Ladies" win a fucking Grammy for BEST SONG (more like best selling song)? No one will willingly remember that song or whatever album it was on in 16 years... (Compared to "Every Breath You Take" winning in 1984.)

That's my 3AM musing/rant of the week...

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  1. These are all good questions. I have no answers.