Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Highlights From My Twitter

So once a week I'm gonna post some of my more humorous updates from Twitter, to fill the empty void in your life between posts...

Friday Feb 19th

5:59 AM: Was awakened by someone trying to kick in his front door.

6:00AM: When they went around to the back door and tried to kick that in, I freaked out and grabbed a claw hammer and stood ready to defend myself!

6:02 AM:  Room mate was smarter and called 911. I continued to stand on the other side of the door claw hammer in hand.

6:03 AM:  Cops came and arrested the guy

Saturday Feb 20th

11:48 AM:  Can't tell if that's a homeless man or a hipster being ironic...

Tuesday Feb 24th

8:56 AM:  Is on a bus full of small children, and his assistant is not answering the phone...

9:06 AM: Children now chanting "we're going on a train!!!" Have followed me to the plateform.... Kill me now!

9:11 AM: Turned to hipster guy "that was the worst bus I've been on since kindergarten" hipster creepily replies "it was the BEST one I've been on!"'

9:11 AM:  I walk quickly away from the pedophile hipster.

10:02 AM: Assistant continues to bullshit about location. Lights still aren't here, is supposed to shoot 2 minutes ago...

Anyway not super exciting, next week might be more humorous

Geyer Out

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