Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theories on the Bush Doctrine and Fast Food

So, I for one am really pissed about our new president...  He seems to be doing a good job, and so far I can't find anything to make fun of him about...  

Bush on the other hand was pure comedy gold.  The only problem is, now all my Bush jokes are simply insulting a retired senior citizen...

Anyway, before it get's too old and pointless I'd like to say he was unfit to manage a Taco Bell, much less the entire country.

Seriously, he'd be all like "Guys!!!  Wendy's has been stockpiling french fries to attack us!  We must destroy this threat to our restaurant!"

Then, he'd ask Burger King if they wanted to help invade Wendy's to look for the illegal french fries.

Burger King would be like "Fuck that man, we don't care about your stupid taco problems!"

Then Bush would tell all the Taco Bell employees that Burger King was just a bunch of pussies who hated freedom, and invade Wendy's by himself.

The invasion would last at least four years, taco quality would suffer dramatically, and when anyone asked about why they were still at war with Wendy's he'd try to confuse them all by saying that Wendy's was actually helping those skater kid's who made the sign out front say stuff about penises instead of the weekly special.

So that's my opinion on fast food, or Bush's foriegn policy.....  Or both?

Geyer Out

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